Wednesday, August 20, 2014

London 2014 Day 13 – Demonstration, Lego Bus Stop, Morris Dancers

On this day, the last day of our stay in London, I felt much better, though the cold was still there. First we went to Café Eterno again for early lunch and to say good-bye to the very kind staff.

Then we resumed our walks.

We came across a demonstration against the government’s austerity measures.

Some of the demonstrators missed the the point.

We went to Regent Street to have a look at the Lego bus stop close to Hamleys.

At the Thames we found this used book market.

Later we passed this group of Morris Dancers and watched them for a while, though the blazing sun on that day was hard to bear for me.


Goodbye, London :°°°( Hope I see you again soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

London 2014 Day 12 – Walthamstow

On this day I didn’t feel very well because of a cold, so all we were able to do was have lunch at Café Eterno. The ladies in the café were so kind and they prayed for me. You wouldn’t get that service in an ordinary café :)

In the late afternoon we took a little walk in Walthamstow. We didn’t walk too far from the holiday flat, and it was interesting how many places of worship we came across. From our living room window we had a view onto a Mormon temple and we knew that there were a Baptist church, a Pentecostal church and a mosque nearby. On our walk on this day we found an Adventist church, a synagogue, an Anglican and a Methodist church.